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Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day.  I am an Administrative Professional in a local hospital.  This was the day I get to be thanked for all the hard work I do.  My boss is a very good man.  This statement is based on one simple fact : He has not fired me.  There were two times he really wanted to, but he didn’t.  Bosses’ Day and his birthday.  On Bosses’ Day I made him find all his gifts by way of a scavenger hunt.  For his birthday I decorated his office like a kindergarten class room and he had to have all his meetings in the conference room.  Yes, I knew he would hate both of those things, but I did it anyway.  So, for this reason alone I think he is a good man.  He asked me a week ago to make reservations for lunch on Administrative Professionals Day.  I tried several times to get out of it, but he said I had to go because I tortured him on Bosses’ Day and his birthday.  He suggested Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill.  He knows I don’t eat meat, but Stoney River is his new favorite restaurant and he wanted to share it with me.  I think that is pretty cool of him.

Jasmine Pearl Tea

I started off with some warm tea.  It was pearl jasmine.  As soon as the server placed the bag in the hot water the fragrance hit me.  It was floral, sweet, warm and inviting all at the same time.  Just want you want jasmine to be.  I let it steep a little before pouring myself a glass.  Ahhh!  This hit the spot.  No sweetener needed, just a little lemon.  It filled my soul right away.

Baby Kale Salad

Because Stoney River is a Steakhouse I studied the menu for several days.  The only thing I could really settle on for certain was the Baby Kale Salad.  It is made with kale, toasted almonds and dried cranberries tossed in herb vinaigrette.  I asked the waiter if the vinaigrette had cheese and it did.  I substituted that for olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar.  The salad came with croutons.  They looked really buttery, so I just removed them.

Baby Kale Salad

Now, this picture really does not do this any justice.  The baby kale was so pretty, even my boss commented on it.  I drizzled oil and vinegar for salad perfection.  The baby kale was soft and full of flavor.  This was quite surprising to me.  The combination of the almonds and cranberries were a good balance for the fresh, delicate baby kale.

French Fries, Sauteed Spinach and Steamed Asparagus

I really wanted the Veggie Burger, but the server said it was made with cheese.  So I opted for sides.  I chose sauteed spinach, asparagus and french fries.  Quite the combination.  The french fries were cold and hard.  The spinach was too oily for my liking.  But the asparagus was perfect!  They were lightly steamed with no butter or oil to get in the way of the taste.  I enjoyed them and even brought the leftovers with me.

Stoney River is a steakhouse and they are really good at that.  I would not go back on my own, because there just were not enough options for me.  The best part of the meal was having a funny and honest conversation with my boss.  As I stated before, he is a good man.  He gave me two thank you cards.  One signed by all they guys on our team and his boss.  And one from him with a gift card inside. Today was a really good day and I am grateful to have Glenn as a boss.



Blackberry’s Mom

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