eating vegan @ | Joy Ride Food Truck {Part 2}

It was on my calendar that this is the week Joy Ride Food Truck would be in the area near my job.  Since Instagram has made all these crazy changes I had to go to their page to find out what the schedule would be.  They will be in the area!  I asked them on Instagram if they would have a vegan option.  “Yes.  Chipotle~black bean~sweet plantain empanada.”  Great!!  I wrote the exact day and time on my calendar.

Chipotle Black Bean & Sweet Plantain Empanadas

When I drove up to the spot I noticed many more food trucks than normal (note to self), but Joy Ride had the most people in line.  I made it a point to go back to Joy Ride because something in me knew these would be some of the best empandas I could ever have.  Joy kept her word, (see part 1) there was no cheese in the empandas.  I placed my order for the empandas, but could not resist ordering some more sweet plantain.

Chipotle Black Bean Empanadas with Sweet Plantains

That little voice in my stomach was right.  Smoky chiptole black beans with corn and sweet plantain.  A hint of fragrant cilantro that go oh so well with yellow and red peppers. All snuggled tightly in a golden, flaky crust.  The thing I really liked is that it was not greasy.  I pulled out a piece of paper and pen to write down every flavor I was tasting.  But the simple fact is, you are going to have to go for yourself.  This is not something you should be reading about.  This is something you should be experiencing!  If you are a meat eater you will have plenty of options.  If you are a vegan, you have some options too.  Don’t pass them up, they are worth a try!

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Blackberry’s Mom

Joy Ride Latin Eats

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