eating vegan @ | Joy Ride Food Truck {Part 1}

A few weeks ago my boss asked if I had ever eaten at Joy Ride Food Truck.  I had not even heard of it until he asked.    Joy Ride serves authentic Cuban Sandwiches and Latin Eats.  Uhm, hello… that’s my favorite food!!  I instantly pulled them up on Instagram and started following them.  Days later I saw they would be near my job.  I wrote it down in my calendar; it was that important.  I did this without even knowing if they offered any vegan items.  Once the day got closer they posted the menu.  One item stood out “Empanada-black bean, sweet potato and chipotle”.  You have no idea how excited I was about these empanadas.  This is my favorite food, only second to tacos.

I parked my car and sashayed right up to the truck.  “Are your black bean empanadas vegan?”  “No, they have cheese in them.”  Heart stop, slight palpitations.  “Are they pre-made?” I asked, because in my mind I was thinking “I will wait until you make me some with no cheese”.  “Yes, they are pre-made.”  WHHHHYYYYY??!!  The lady at the window suggest the Yucca Fries.  I am ashamed to admit at this point I had an attitude and didn’t want anything from them.  I walked over to the other 2 food trucks, but found nothing that interested me.  After sulking for several more minutes I put my attitude in check and went back to Joy Ride.  When I walked up the window the lady said, “Yucca Fries?”  “Yes, and some sweet plantain.”

Yucca Fries and Sweet Plantains

While I was waiting on my food, Joy came to the window and apologized for not having vegan empanadas.  This really made me feel shitty for my attitude because she actually cared.  She said her friend told her not to put cheese in them, but she didn’t listen.  “That’s okay.” I said like a little wimp.  She admitted she never thinks about vegans and will probably stop putting cheese in those from now on.  This flipped me completely out of my attitude.  I asked her if she would post that on Instagram.  She said yes.  So stay tuned for Part 2.

BTW-The yucca fries were bomb!!!!!  I had never had them before.  I have eaten yucca plenty of times, but never like this.  Yucca is a root vegetable.  It will remind you of a potato, but it is more fibrous. She served them with garlic infused olive oil.  The two flavors together were something unique and delicious.  You need to get over to the Joy Ride for the sweet plantains alone.  Sweet Mother Earth, that is some good eating!  Chewy on the outside and perfectly tender on the inside.  Yum!



Blackberry’s Mom

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