crunchy ramen salad

I really like ramen noodles.  The funny thing is I never ate them growing up.  I don’t think my mother has ever had them.  I didn’t attend college, so I don’t have the “ramen noodles” story I have heard others tell.  I don’t even remember the first time I had them.  I do, however, remember … More crunchy ramen salad

eating vegan @ | Joy Ride Food Truck {Part 1}

A few weeks ago my boss asked if I had ever eaten at Joy Ride Food Truck.  I had not even heard of it until he asked.    Joy Ride serves authentic Cuban Sandwiches and Latin Eats.  Uhm, hello… that’s my favorite food!!  I instantly pulled them up on Instagram and started following them.  Days later I saw … More eating vegan @ | Joy Ride Food Truck {Part 1}

Turmeric Challenge

A few weeks ago I was tagged by Korenn Rachelle on YouTube to participate in the Turmeric Challenge.  I was immediately thrilled because I have been wanting to try Turmeric for a while, but had not.  Mostly because it looks weird to me in the grocery store.  However, this challenge broke me out of my … More Turmeric Challenge