eating vegan @ | Sushi Jimmi Asian Fusion

Eating vegan at a sushi restaurant is no real big stretch of the imagination.  I have never gone to a sushi bar that does not have a veggie roll.  The fact is though, I have had a bad veggie roll.  You wouldn’t think so, but I have.  This blog post is less about sushi and more about Sushi Jimmi Asian Fusion Food Truck.

Veggie Roll from Sushi Jimmi

I first heard about Sushi Jimmi last year, a week before the Food Truck Fest here in Memphis, TN.  The source of all things food, Cris from Loving My Memphis, was raving about it.  When I heard they were going to be at the Food Truck Fest I put them at the top of my list.  When I arrived at the festival I grabbed the map and found Sushi Jimmi right away.  “SOLD OUT” is all I heard walking up.  I could not believe it.  The fest had only been open 45 minutes!!!  The next time I saw Sushi Jimmi’s Food Truck was driving down Poplar Avenue.  I am ashamed to say I followed him until I realized he was going home.  (I may have a problem)


A few weeks ago, my co-worker Mike told me he ate at a food truck for the first time because of me.  I am always going on about them.  “What truck did you eat at?” I asked.  “Sushi Jimmi!  It was my first food truck and my first time eating sushi.  Man was it good.  Do you like sushi?  Have you eaten there?”  Mike said, without pausing.  “NO!!  How is it you have eaten Sushi Jimmi before ME?!!!”  Mike smiled, “I’ll take you next time he is near.”  He kept his promise. IMG_0858

Now I know why this truck sold out in minutes at the festival.  Don’t let the styrofoam plates fool you, Jimmi is an artist and it comes across in every creation.  Taste and passion collide in this little red truck.  Just look at the knife work on the avocado!  That is magical skill my friend.  Fresh lettuce, crunchy carrot, delicious daikon radish and crispy cucumber; all rolled in the stickiest rice possible.  I don’t suggest you follow this truck to his home, but I do suggest you stalk him on social media.  They always post there whereabouts.  You need this in your life.  Sushi lover or not, meat eater or not, give them a try.  They just may change your mind.



Blackberry’s Mom

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