vegan cookin’ | Smoothie (not really cookin’)

To me there are just some foods that don’t require a recipe.  Smoothies, casseroles and soups are in my opinion best with no recipes.  Especially soups!!  I say this because cooking is about feeling for me.  If it feels right, then it is right.  Not everyone feels this way, so that is why I am writing this post.  The title of this post is just Smoothie.  Just because I took everything I had left (need to grocery shop) and put it in a blender.  Here is what we have!

What’s Left in the Fridge/Freezer Smoothie

1/4 c. oatmeal

1 c. frozen strawberries

1 c. frozen mixed fruit (mango, pineapple, strawberries and peaches)

2 T. tart cherry juice

1 T. agave nectar

2 c. filtered water

1/4 t. chia seeds

Place all ingredients except chia seeds in blender.  Blend on high.  You may have to add more or less water for your desired texture.  Pour in your favorite mason jar (this is very important) and top with chia seeds.  Smoothie!!

what’s left in the fridge/freezer smoothie


Blackberry’s Mom

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