eating vegan @ | Chili’s Resturant

For months now I have been in desperate need of some “sista time”.  My middle sister Toria, suggested we meet at Chili’s Restaurant for some girl chat and food.  I always let others pick the restaurant when going out in a group, because I am the only vegan I know.  Let me just say, eating vegan at Chili’s is just about impossible. Unless, you have  server like mine.

Chips w/Guacamole & Salsa

I started my meal with chips, salsa and guacamole.  I didn’t have much of this because the chips were too salty for me to enjoy.

Fajita Veggies w/Corn & Black Beans

I placed my order for the Margarita Fresh Mex Bowl with no meat or dairy.  Brianna, not my original server, came over and informed me the rice come pre-made and has butter in it.  She knows this because she had a customer with dairy allergies and the rice made her sick.  I thanked her for this information and asked if I could have veggie fajita tacos.  She asked that her manager come to the table and explained my request.  He said, “Sure.  No Problem.”  Shortly after, they came to my table with my fajita veggies sizzling on a cast iron skillet with black beans and corn spread on top.  My sister even commented on how good they looked. The tortillas were kept warm in a separate container.  I took a tortilla and spread guacamole all over it.  Then I added the fajita veggies and topped it with salsa.  And just like that… I had delicious house-made veggie fajita tacos!  To my surprise the veggies were seasoned very well.  The tortillas were soft and warm.  I had leftovers that warmed up beautifully the next day for lunch.

Fajita Veggies at Chili’s Resturant

I am so grateful to Brianna!  Because she cared enough, I was able to enjoy my meal without worry or fear.  She took the time to make sure my visit was great experience.  Chili’s, you have true gem in Brianna!!



Blackberry’s Mom



One thought on “eating vegan @ | Chili’s Resturant

  1. Hi! The rice is actually vegan per the allergen menu. I know i’m late on the response so it may have been different back then, but just passing this on for others who come across this blog much later like me haha!


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