eating vegan @ | Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe


Have you ever had one of those hungry moments, but you didn’t know what you wanted to eat?  That was me today.  As I searched my mind for the restaurants near me,  Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe popped up.  They have one location in Memphis (corner of Mendenhall and Sanderlin) and one location in Germantown.  I pulled the menu up online and found what interested me, Grilled Veggie Gyro.  The menu described it as “pesto aioli, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, grilled red peppers, grilled onion, and feta.”  When I called to place my order, I asked if the aoili had any dairy products.  Isaac informed me it had cheese.  We decided to add the house made hummus in place of aioli and to leave off the feta.  Holy Crap, the Gyro was delicious!!!  The pita was fresh made and warm.  The grilled squash and zucchini were seasoned so well I picked them out and ate them on there own.  The hummus alone was worth the trip.  Creamy and full of flavor.


I ordered Tomato-Cucumber Salad as my side.  On the drive to the restaurant I thought to myself, “I bet that salad has feta.”  Sure enough it did.  When I tried to order a different side the very kind lady behind the counter said she would make one for me without feta if I could wait a few moments.  “Of course!”  Thank you, very kind lady!  I am so happy I didn’t change my side.  The salad comes with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and sweet basil.  Because I was at work I had to pick out all of the onion.  Firm, ripe tomatoes and crispy, fresh cucumber.   The sweet, fragrant basil made for salad perfection. It has a vinegar base dressing that added just the right kick.  My lunch also came with just enough ruffle chips, so I wouldn’t feel guilty.  All in all Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe was worth the trip.  My taste buds and heart are thanking me.

Taziki’s has tons of vegetarian options.  As I found out today, they are more than happy to help you make any item vegan.


Blackberry’s Mom


Memphis 3
photo taken from Taziki’s website

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