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Over the Holiday Season I was browsing the frozen food section at the super market for something to bring to a dinner.  That’s when I stumbled on Gardein Crabless Cakes.  I never liked crab cakes as a non-vegan, but for some reason I thought they just looked delicious.  So I picked them up.  The cooking instructions stated you put them on broil for four minutes each side.  As you can see they came out perfectly golden and crunchy.   They tasted exactly like crab cakes!!!  They even smelled like crab cakes.  Honestly, it was a little freaky.  I kept reading the ingredients on the package to make sure they didn’t have any fish by-products.  Because I never got sick, I figured they didn’t have any fish in them.  They have a great texture and consistency.  I squeezed the lemon wedges on them and made My Own Tarter Sauce (recipe below).  I didn’t bring them to the dinner, but they would be great as an appetizer for your gathering.  Or, just eat them with a side salad like I did.  They would also be perfect for tacos!!  I love tacos!!  These crab cakes are vegan and are definitely worth putting in your rotation.  You gotta try them!



My Own Tarter Sauce

1/2 c. vegan mayonnaise

1 T. pickle relish

squeeze of 1/2 lemon

dash of cayenne pepper

Mix all ingredient in a small bowl.  Serve and enjoy!



Blackberry’s Mom

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