eating vegan @ | Houton’s Resturant

Last night I took my little cousin Peaches to dinner at Houston’s Restaurant.  Houston’s is fine dining American restaurant known for their steaks.  Even though being vegan is new to me, I don’t ever remember having a steak there before.  On my visit before last night I had the Sashimi Tuna Salad.  It is very good!!  I pulled the menu up online before going to ensure I could have more than just a salad.  I did not want just a salad.  Well, luckily for me they had a few options I could make vegan.  Here is what I had.

IMG_0335It was a chilly night, so I wanted something warm to start off.  This Organic Mint Melange tea by Mighty Leaf Tea did the trick.  I don’t usually put sweetener in my tea, so the lemon was fine.


I ordered the Kale Salad and it was wonderful!!!  The kale was very thinly sliced and the dressing was creamy.  It had peanuts sprinkled on the plate which gave it a nice crunchy texture.  Peaches even liked it, and she thinks I eat weird.  I would highly recommend you try this, vegan or not.


IMG_0337I chose the House-made Veggie Burger and fries as my entree.  The burger is made of brown rice, black bean and oat bran.  It comes on a bun with jack cheese.  I omitted both.  The burger was not exactly what I was expecting.  It was quit awful actually.  I could only taste rice and oat bran.  The texture was too mushy for me.  I wanted something I could bite into.  It just was not good to me.  I only ate a few bites and finished my fries.  I will not order this item again.

I wanted desert, but there was not one for me on the menu.  Peaches had 2 scoops of house made vanilla ice cream with hot fudge sauce.  Watching her enjoy this was sweet enough for me.

Overall, I was very happy to see that one of my favorite restaurants had some  vegan options.  They have a seasonal vegetable plate that comes with couscous that I will try on my next visit.


Blackberry’s Mom



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